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We provide a quiet environment where the learner are given maximum attention.

Aliphaxe Education Centre.

Aliphaxe Foreign Language Centre offers short courses in English as a Second Language in Nairobi for professionals and students wishing to settle or study in English-speaking colleges and universities in countries like Kenya, U.S.A, UK, Australia, etc., where English is mandatory.

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We are the center for excellence in IGCSE (Cambridge / Edexcel), 8.4.4, GCE – O, AS & A level, Support for the Students wishing to upgrade their score or Sit for their exams within (six months or one year) the shortest possible time. We offer that which a formal school cannot manage we have a variety of services as it will be demonstrated later. Come and experience our fantastic services! Aliphaxe Learning centre is not a school but an educational support service which is vital for various types of students. Aliphaxe Learning Centre is the best tuition Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

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We provide a quiet environment where the learner are given maximum attention.


Aprenda: Ingles,español,Italiano,Ruso y suajili.
تعلم: الإنجليزية والإسبانية والروسية والإيطالية والسواحيلية
Apprenons : Anglais, Français, Espanol, Chinois et Swahili.
Centre des Langues Étrangères et Culturelles à Nairobi-Kenya.
A modern Approach to teaching and learning.


Our approach to teaching is one on one or small groups in a quiet environment where the learner is given maximum attention. We only concentrate on the areas where the learner has the weakness. We start with what the learner knows about certain concept to what is very new to them. We don’t strain students to understand complex concepts but we try to provide them with more and more relevant examples and illustrations in a relaxed environment for them to be able to conceptualize the concept.

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