About Us

About Us


We are the center for excellence in IGCSE (Cambridge / Edexcel), 8.4.4, GCE – O, AS & A level, Support for the Students wishing to upgrade their score or Sit for their exams within (six months or one year) the shortest possible time. We offer that which a formal school cannot manage we have a variety of services as it will be demonstrated later. Come and experience our fantastic services! Aliphaxe Learning centre is not a school but an educational support service which is vital for various types of students. Aliphaxe Learning Centre is the best tuition Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.


To reach the expectations of each student, parents or guardian in a very fundamental manner; slow learners, average learners and the academically gifted students.


To give academic hope to the hopeless and inspire the gifted students to fully realize their full academic potential.


We accommodate the home educated, private students, school going learners who want to sit for their IGCSE (Cambridge /Edexcel), 8.4.4, GCE-O, AS & A level exams. International students who want to do bridging, school drop outs, system change from 8.4.4 or ACE to IGCSE. We support you throughout the whole process keeping you informed at every step of the way.

Mathematics (pure and applied),  English and Literature, Physics,  Chemistry,   History,  Geography, Religious  studies,  Swahili,   Psychology, Business studies,  Commerce,    Accounting, Art, Economics,  Languages, Law,   Sociology, Biology and Human biology
The student can chose 6 to 8 subjects and the fees is for all the subjects irrespective of the number, English and Mathematics are compulsory.

Our approach to teaching is one on one or small groups in a quiet environment where the learner is given maximum attention. We only concentrate on the areas where the learner has the weakness. We start with what the learner knows about certain concept to what is very new to them. We don’t strain students to understand complex concepts but we try to provide them with more and more relevant examples and illustrations in a relaxed environment for them to be able to conceptualize the concept.

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Aliphaxe Learning Centre

Weekend And Evening Tuition Program:

Many a times in class children are left behind because of the teaching and learning conditions either in class or with an individual student. These conditions may include:
·         Teachers approach to the content
·         Pressure from the school to clear the syllabus
·         Student absenteeism due to sickness or something
·         Student preparedness for the lesson
·         Student general attitude towards the teacher or subject
·         Pear pressure, family pressure
At Aliphaxe Learning Centre -Kilimani we do not have the magic formula to turn things around,but we help your child realize their full academic potential by initiating and instilling a study culture to students and that’s why we have evening and weekend lessons for weak students in school or students that have been left out in class due to some circumstances at home or school or the students that want to prepare away from the routine schedules in their school.
The evening lessons start between 3:30pm to 7.00 pm (after school) for a maximum of 3 days per week (6 hours) the cost is Ksh 12,000 pm
|The Saturday lessons start from 9.00am to 1.00pm (for school going learners).  The cost for primary level is ksh.10,000 for Saturday lessons per month.For secondary level the cost is ksh.12,000 for a Saturday classes. For the full day programs please contact aliphaxe@gmail or +254 726135016 for the fees structure. (read more) https://fb.watch/8mOknYjSkx/
All our services are executive and we provide the learning materials and revision papers for learners.
For the practical lessons the cost is 3000 booked in advance of three days (read more) https://fb.watch/8mOcewoV30/

·         Pay registration fees Ksh 3000
·         Fill the registration form on either page 6 or7 (per month or per session 1hr or 2 hrs)
·         Pay the tuition fees as per the level of the learner
·         Return the registration form to the office indicating when the course should start